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Two Speed Axle Parts and Control Systems

Welcome to Columbia Two Speed Parts

We sell many of the hard to find parts you are looking for, specializing in
  • Reproduction Repair Axle Parts and Controls for the Columbia Overdrive Two Speed Axle< for Ford V-8 & Mercury 8 1935 - 1948
  • Reproduction Repair Axle Parts for Lincoln-Zephyr V-12 1935 - 1948

See our ad in V-8 Times award winning magazine of the Early Ford V8 Club of America, Inc., and please call for more info!


We are committed to providing these important components for enthusiasts in this hobby. We can help with parts like this B-3 Control Valve for 1937-41 Ford & Mercury V-8's ! We also have B-1 & B-2 control valve for earlier models. Services include repairs & rebuilds too.

B-3_Valve_Assembly_on_white_background.jpg - Image inserted from database
B-3 Valve Assembly

The B-3 Valve Assembly shown is manufactured utilizing the highest standards possible. The valve body is made from cast aluminum, then it is precision machined and assembled with newly manufactured reproduction parts to duplicate the original control valve. (The B-3 shown can be modified to fit a Lincoln-Zephyr.) Call for more info.

We now have period correct 1933-34 Controls available!

An Exploded View of the Columbia Axle Housing & Internal Assembly parts is included in our Price List, and Installation Instructions and Parts Lists are available by year of your car. We also have an Owner's Manual/PRIMER for those who want to understand the Columbia better.

We sell over 80 repair/replacement and control parts. In addition, our services also include: welding and machining the axle housing & installing A-1-S repair sleeve.

Recommended-Rebuild-Parts.jpg - Image inserted from database
A-2 Housing Oil Seal; A-20 assy Differential Outer Case Bearing & Race; A-32-K Synchro Clutch Rebuilding Kit with rebuild instructions; A-100-K Differential Screw Locks; A-200-K Differential Thrust Washers; A-500-K Columbia Gasket Kit; A-600-K
B-1_2_11K_with_firewall_spacer.jpg - Image inserted from database
The B-1,2,11-K Pedal Valve Assembly & Selector Valve Assy. for 1935-36 Ford (the B-1,2,11-K "kit" comes with the B-1A Pedal Valve Assy Push Rod, and also the firewall spacer and B-11 Clutch Lever Extension bracket)

NOTE: Some parts of the kit shown above are not currently available. Please call us for details.

B-1-Valve-33-34.jpg - Image inserted from database
B-1 Valve, 1933-34
B-2_Valve_33-34.jpg - Image inserted from database
B-2 Valve, 1933-34

Call for more information: (951) 719-4077

Mon. thru Friday 9am - 5pm West Coast Time


We cannot overemphasize how IMPORTANT it is to properly maintain your Columbia overdrive unit. Please, take the time to learn how to care for and operate your beautiful Columbia Overdrive Two Speed Axle !!!

Purchase our exclusive PRIMER (Owner's Manual expanded to include photos and information on the different control systems for different years of cars) . . . and/or call for information.

PLEASE NOTE: Check with us if someone trying to sell you parts (or unit) claims that we have rebuilt their unit. We have heard about such claims when we have only done the bulletproofing. Give us a call and we will let you know if we rebuilt the entire Columbia or not.

Columbia Two Speed Parts, LLC.

PO Box 1587
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Please do not ship to us without calling first to get our new Ship-To address!

John_with_A-24.jpg - Image inserted from database
John holding a new A-24 Differential Case & Internal Gear Aeembly, 39 teeth BILLET Alloy Steel

We Carry the Following Parts

Columbia Housing Assembly & Repair Parts
Vacuum Cylinder & Base Assembly for all models
1933-34 Ford Control Parts & Brackets
1935-36 Ford Control Parts & Brackets
1937-41 Ford & Mercury Control Parts & Brackets
1946-48 Ford & Mercury Conrol Parts & Brackets

Call or Email for a current price list (includes and exploded view of unit)


A-20-F Ford-Side Bearing & Race
B-3-X Control Valve for Street Application
B-37-K Speedo Adapter gasket Kit
B-37-TA Speedo Thread Adapter, Male-to-Female
B-49K Manifold Spacer Kit w/Gasekts & 3 studs for 1935-41F; 1939-4 Merc
Columbia Overdrive DECAL for your windshield Instructions for Installation (need year of your car)
Parts Lists (need year of your car)
Enamaled MEDALLION for license plate
PB-1 Pinion Bearing Set, includes lock plate
A-35/36K Oil Baffle Upper & Lower
TK Tubing Kit: 3/8" copper & neoprene


  • Bulletproofing
  • Inspection
  • Resleeving Axle Housings
  • Modify Axle Housing
  • Modify Cross
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Repairing / Rebuilding Components

B-3-X__with_E-20-63_switch.JPG - Image inserted from database
B-3-X Control Valve for Street Application (with switch) 6 or 12 volt
columbia_for_website_logo.jpg - Image inserted from database
Columbia side only
A-49-assy-Rod-Position-800.jpg - Image inserted from database
Proper position of the A-60 piston rod inside the A-49 Vacuum Assembly
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