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January 23, 2017
Thanks for the fast service and help!
Larry S.
New York

Fantastic Support and Service!

Worked with me and converted my 46 - 48 to a 35 - 36 Columbia. His expertise and knowlage was invaluable. He was able to talk me through the tough spots during my installation and supplied me everything I needed to complete my project. My columbia now is a dream to drive and I have the confidence that I can run it cross country without any issues. Thanks John!
Tony Burson
Tolland, CT

On the road again....

John, thanks so much for the guidance and direction with respect to replacement parts. Once opened my unit was in pretty tough shape. Parts are made extremely well, fit right and work. Easy to cruise at highway speeds. As my buddy says, "man that Columbia sure puts that flathead to sleep".
Josh Gray
Janesville WI

Great Service

Thank you so much for the great service. I saw you paid $16 for postage, so I added it to your bill. Hope this is okay.
Art R.
Ontario CANADA
Well, yes of course it was okay and thanks for noticing!

They Look Good!

I received my parts and they look good. We had a dry day today so we drove our 1940 pickup. Such a joy to drive. I've owned it since 1950 and it runs like new. Thanks again for the good service.
Albert R.


Thanx for your prompt services!
Tom W.

It's a Thing of Beauty

I got the B-3 valve today and it is a thing of beauty! Thanks for your good work.
Tom C.

Your Sleeves are Perfect!

Today I received a pair of your rear axle repair sleeves that I'm installing for a customer. This week I did one for another customer. In the past, I've installed many of these sleeves, but quit doing them due to the poor quality of the sleeves available. I felt they had too thick of a wall, and the ID's were usually egg shaped. I recently heard about your sleeves, and now that I've seen them, I'm thinking I may start offering this service again. I've been a toolmaker for 30 years and am pretty fussy. . . I think your sleeves are perfect! Nicely ground inside and out. A thin wall, but not so thin that they would crack when you press them on. A nice chamfer at the bottom so I can leave a healthy radius in there for strength. Perfect.

Please tell John thank you for me. I'm so sick of dealing with poorly made junk, that I just had to write and tell you how excited I am to be working with a well made product. I will only install sleeves that come from Columbia Two Speed Parts.
Barry W.

Thank You for Your Guidance

John, everything is together and working. Thank you for the parts and guidance!
David S.

Parts Look Great!

John, the parts look great! Thanks. Mike
Mike J.
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