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Bulletproofing your Columbia Overdrive Unit

To give you a little more information, Bulletproofing is:

  1. Machining the A-24 Assembly to allow for inserting of a special tubular steel band to strengthen the assembly, then re-machining it to size. The original castings need to be reinforced and "banded", as they had a tendency to start cracking in the machined groove where the A-30 cross sits and fits. See the photo below.
  2. Machining the A-30 Cross to allow it to now fit back inside the banded A-24.
  3. Welding the A-17 Assembly and welding the inside legs of the A-17 "basket" to strengthen the assembly, then checking the other welds. If the A-17 is broken, the overdrive will not work. It should be noted that I have been able to repair and save some of the damaged units -- depends on how badly they are damaged. Call me for more information.

Bulletproofing_PHOTOS.jpg - Image inserted from database

We cannot overemphasize how IMPORTANT it is to properly maintain your Columbia overdrive unit. Please, take the time to learn how to care for your beautiful Columbia Overdrive Two Speed Axle !!! Purchase our Owner's Manual Primer and/or call for info.

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